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Detangle Your Torso Work Shop

We are thrilled to have Darcy Bowman, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Roll Model® Instructor Yoga Tune Up® Instructor come to Studio K. You don't want to miss this event.

This fun and empowering workshop will guide you in self massage techniques using Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls to de-stress, improve body awareness, and unlock myofascial restrictions. Make friends with your own body as we take a deep dive into your anatomy. Yoga Tune Up®, The Roll Model® Method focuses on improving range of motion, eliminating pain, strengthening musculature around the joints, down regulating the nervous system and preparing the body for optimum performance. Identify and strengthen "body blind spots", areas of the body at are overused, underused, or misused and are potential catalysts for pain and injury. ​

Darcy views life as an opportunity and is inspired in each precious breath. She encourages her students to practice with a beginner's mind, with loving kindness, and with sincerity. Currently, Darcy lives in New York and graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Whether she’s teaching Hatha or restorative yoga, she leads with an inquiry based approach that empowers students.

Class starts 9:30am with an Essentrics full body gentle stretch with Kay Baucom, Level 4 Instructor

Date: Friday, April 19th

Time: 9:30am to 11am

Cost: $20 and includes the yoga balls

Balls can be purchased separate for $10

Sign up today to enjoy the roll with Darcy as she shares this technique with us.

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