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Studio K Anniversary

I can't believe it's been a year since I started my journey to open my own studio. It's been a blessing all the way. We will celebrate our one year anniversary, not sure, how, but it will be fun. Stay tuned for some fun classes.

We've met a lot of people in Denver and the surrounding area that have come through the doors and joined Essentrics. I am truly thankful for every single one of you.

Vesuvius Vineyards was a terrific event we did in October. It was beautiful and everyone enjoyed it If you missed it, hopefully you won't miss the next one.

We recently had coffee and tea bar after our 9:30am class on the last Friday of the month. It was a hit. Maybe that will be an ongoing social on the last Friday of month. Would you like that?

The last Thursday of the month after 6:30 pm class was a blast with Hot Apple Cider and yummy snacks. Let me know if you would like this to be an ongoing monthly social event after the evening class too.

If you have been missing class, well we've been missing you too. All the years I have been teaching fitness classes, people come and go. The hardest thing is to get back in to your workout. But once you do,it's awesome. So come on back if you've been absent. Check out the enlarged room and all the new members. I am so proud to have the sweetest caring ladies at Studio K. You all make my day!

I've put a list of comments that I have gotten from members in class. I try to remember and write it down when I get home. I love hearing your comments. I also love seeing the change in your body and fitness abilities. I know you do and so does your families. We are all aging backwards, and remember! Age does not have a number, but it does have a signature, immobility. Let's not forget that.

1. I love your playlist

2. I tell people Essentrics is a phenomenal program

3.I didn’t realize my toes were so stiff until I came to this class

4. I believe in this program that’s why as a massage therapist I recommend Essentrics

5. Kay you are my guru my knees feel better today

6. I didn’t realize how stiff my calf and quad muscles were until I took this class

7. Thank you Kay!

8. I needed this class tonight, it’s been a hard day. I feel tons better.

9. I saw a friend this week I haven’t seen in a while. She told me I was half the size I was the last time she saw me! Thanks to Essentrics I say!

10. I really like facing mirror this week to see that my body was aligned or not in alignment.

12.I’ve been an avid walker for years and years, but my quad muscles have never been this strong and they feel so good.

13.Essentrics is the best program and everyone needs to do it.

14.I’ve done every kind of workout program there is. Essentrics by far has given me what I need and it does create body awareness.

15.Range of motion in my shoulder is much improved since I had rotator cuff surgery. Even my Dr is impressed with my range of motion.

16.My knee replacement is right around the corner and I am positive that Essentrics will make my therapy and recovery a whole lot better due to the strength in my lower body.

17.I recently had company for a week, didn’t make it to class but I sure could tell what Essentrics has given me. Strength and endurance was awesome. Thanks Essentrics.

18.This class is the best workout for my body and my back is so much healthier, no spasms is far this year. I need this class.

19.My posture is much improved since I’ve been doing Essentrics

20.I love the way my body feels.

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