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Shoulder Pain

One of the most improved body parts from practicing Essentrics is shoulder mobility. How do I know that you ask. Well I asked my class one day, "raise your hand if you have shoulder problems" Half the class raised their hand. I then asked "how many have experienced an improvement in shoulder mobility since practicing Essentrics" they all raised their hands. Just the other day, a new client stated her frozen shoulder is feeling so much better.......and she had only taken 4 classes. She showed me the improvment in her shoulder mobility. I was so happy for her and she had the biggest smile on her face. It's been years, yes, years since her injury and surgery.

Our body loves to do circles. I'm not going to get to technical with you about the shoulder joint, but know that we have a lot of muscles that are associated with this joint, 17 to be exact. Take it easy on the shoulders, they are very sensitive because of all that is going on in that area!

Essentrics is a full body workout suitable for all ages. By practicing Essentrics you will gain flexibility, mobility, health and fitness while aging backwards.

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