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The word vitality has 2 powerful meanings; (1) The state of being strong and active; energy. (2) The power of giving continuance of life, present in all living things.

“WOW”, that hit home with me when I read that article. Vitality is exactly what I feel from practicing Essentrics. Not good, not fine, not wonderful and not awesome, but “FULL OF VITALITY”!!

A balanced, healthy approach to movement and exercise is the key to maintain that vitality. We burn ourselves out in the extremes, but we thrive in the middle. Essentrics offers this middle way, providing a workout that works the body’s natural design to increase strength and flexibility equally, while promoting a sense of health and balance in the mind and body.

What a joy it is to share this program with others. All week long I hear comments from clients that their everyday life is easier. Let me share a few with you today:

Miss M text me that she worked in her yard for 3 hours after class this morning. Her husband had to call her in to take a rest. She said I just felt so fully of Vitality after class. This young lady is only 73.

Miss J tells me she wished Essentrics was around 30 years ago. She wouldn’t have had to pound her body and joints to achieve health and fitness, which by the way has taken a toll on my joints over the years. I just love Essentrics and this program is a blessing.

Miss C tells me that her Dr. has taken her off her blood pressure medication. Dr said she can only attribute it to Essentrics because that is the only thing she has changed in her life style. The Dr. of course said to keep doing Essentrics.

Congratulation to these ladies for their commitment to better health and “Vitality”

Essentrics has made us stronger, more flexible, energized and motivated to do all the fun things in life on a daily basis. This is truly experiencing VITALITY!!

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