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Paying It Forward With Your Health

I believe in paying it forward with my health. Essentrics is a simple scientific approach that is keeping me active for life. Practicing Essentrics has strengthened my muscles, unlocked my joints, increased my flexibility, range of motion and is aging me backwards.

I have also noticed my body moves like a well oiled machine with power, endurance and with no pain. I hear this same statement from ladies in my class that experience the same feeling and we love it. Whether you play golf, tennis, run, walk, hike, garden, this program will enhance your sport, favorite activity or exercise of choice.

It’s exciting to greet my clients before class and hear how they are feeling. Here are a couple of testimonies:

Kathy played 18 holes of golf yesterday. She walked the course and carried her bag. Kathy’s game has also improved. People are noticing and asking what she’s doing. Kathy thanked me for her strong quads and glutes and improved golf swing.

Cindy shares with me that she could not lift her arm above her head when she began Essentrics. After a short time of practicing with me Cindy is able to bring her arm up and circle her head.

Kathy V’s yard work is much easier on her joints and muscles, especially planting flowers, digging and pulling weeds. Kathy says bending and stooping is no problem and she loves it. I hear her yard is beautiful and she gives the credit to Essentrics.

The joy in their voices and their commitment and accomplishments make my job so rewarding. I also love it they are aware of their body and notice how Essentrics has enhanced their lives.

Come and join Essentrics with Kay and find out why this program strengthens and tones the entire body, reduces joint pain, improves posture, increases balance, boost your metabolism, increases flexibility, slenderizes, prevents injuries, increase blood flow and ages you backwards. Getting all these benefits from practicing Essentrics is why I love it and why I want to share it.

Kay Baucom, Level 4 Essentrics Instructor- Starz In Step Dance Academy 6521 Denver Industrial Park Dr.

Denver, NC. Classes Mon Wed Fri @9:30am Tue-Thurs @7:30pm

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