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Essentrics & Great Grandma "GG"

StartFragment I had the wonderful pleasure of spending time with my new Great Grandson, Cash Michael Bettis in Tennessee. Gabby our first Grand child is a wonderful Mother, and her husband Justin Bettis is just as wonderful. How I love this beautiful family. It was a great weekend filled with beautiful memories. I can't forget about my daughter Michelle now a Grandmother. Such a caring beautiful woman who has passed those qualities on to her daughter, Gabby. Reality has set in how the cycle of life goes on. I am so thankful for Essentrics and how this technique enhances my life. Waiting for the day I can play with Cash Michael and show him how much I love and cherish him, and my family.

Memories get us through this life cycle until we leave. Embrace your life, make it the best you can. Keep your body in great health, and consider Essentrics to get you there and keep you there, by reversing the aging process so you can enjoy life to the fullest. I'm glad I found Essentrics😘EndFragment

Photograph taken by "Remember This Photography" Gabby Bettis - Lenior City, Tenn.

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