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Level 3 Certification

StartFragment It feels so good to accomplish this goal. It took me months to complete, but it's okay. It was never a race and so much to learn. I've been waiting a while to write my next blog since completing Level 3. Classes are going very well and I am so thankful for the support I receive from my clientele. They give me strength and tenacity. I love seeing their improvements in their balance, strength and commitment to themselves. Everything I have learned about our amazing bodies, how it responds to movement, how it wants to healthy and strong inspires me to move on to Level 4 for 2017. But first I am headed to Denver Colorado for a 2 day live training session to learn more of Level 3. Thanks to my study buddy Maria Craig. You rock!

I'm happy to say, I'm moving on to help others achieve the ultimate goal of better health, awareness, strength, mobility, range of motion and aging backwards, at my age of 67 years young. I'm going to end it here with a beautiful testimony from one of my clients. It sums up why I love following my passion and how grateful I am that I found Essentrics. To begin on how I feel after a year of commitment I will start at the "bottom to the top" (as Meghan says😉) and work my way up my essentrics body Feet~~ first thing EVERY morning I thank God that I found this program and it was you who introduced it to me...there is NO better teacher with a larger commitment than you! Back to my feet...almost 4 years ago I developed plantar fasciitis and could not walk the length of the mall...I have everything imaginable to help with this condition and gone to doctors to help with the pain. I still have an occasional twinge in my feet but most mornings I feel rested and pain free!!! (And I can walk the mall👍🏻) My ankles are stronger ...calves smaller...knees painless & thighs firmer!!! My butt is higher! My belly is tighter and my back is more flexible than ever My arms....the biggest change in appearance of all...look like they use to!! Sleeveless will be my friend once again!!! My chest is defined My shoulders feel straighter And my posture is better My heart is fuller💜 And my mind is healthier❣ Kay I want to take this time to thank you for YOUR commitment and your devotion to the program and us!!! You are the best and essentrics should be honored to have you as their instructor. (They should pay you😘)EndFragment EndFragment

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