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Flexibility and Therapeutic Exercises

Level 3 Training

It’s been a few months since I ordered my Level 3 Flexibility and Therapeutic training manual. It’s been an awesome journey going through the levels of training with Essentrics. I am glad they do it in layers. Each layer goes deeper and deeper in to the technique of why we stretch this muscle, the origin, exertion, and how it benefits our body. Also going to the end of your stretch and how it strengthens and goes through the myotatic reflexes. I know it’s scientific, but it works. God made us to move. Age reversing is a wonderful benefit from practicing Essentrics too. I always knew that I felt better when I moved, but did not realize how many muscles we have in our body (650) and they all need to be worked in order for our bodies to be pain free and flexible. Pain Free in its self is amazing. My back has not felt this good in years. Essentrics has changed my life and the life of others in my community. I feel like I have gained my life back as well as so many of my clients. I recently added Essentrics Barre Stretching to my set. Wonderful feedback from my clients. The latest one was yesterday, “I’m back tonight because the barre stretching that we did yesterday morning made my back pain go away. That is something that I have been trying to get rid of for years”. At the end of the week, one lady told me that she is able to bend her knee without pain and is more flexible, since her knee surgery in April. WOW!!. I am truly thankful for Miranda Esmonde-White for her technique and caring enough to share with the world. Also, a big thank you to the PBS station for airing Classical Stretch by Essentrics. Classical Stretch Program is the highest donating program for PBS and has exceeded Susie Orman’s Show.

I will be ready for my Level 3 certification evaluation the first of October. What an amazing time in my life to able follow my dream of helping others achieve good health and the importance of moving.

Until next time – keep stretching, moving and age reversing! I certainly intend to!

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