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Level 2 Certification

Recently earned my Level 2 Certification! So happy to have an opportunity to learn this technique in steps. It's a lot to learn. Which you could never do in a weekend. Each level gives you another layer of confidence and knowledge in teaching this technique to others. I am waiting on my Level 3 training manual. Level 3 will train me to understand flexibility and therapeutic exercises. So excited to start learning and sharing with my clients. Essentrics has deepened my knowledge of how the human body is made to move and why we need to keep moving. Flexibility, mobility, strength and age defying is very important at any age.

The Ladies in my class are sharing what Essentrics is doing for them. Their friends are noticing their long lean bodies. Clients are noticing defined shapely arms, tighter abs, defined waistline, running up the stairs with no pain or huffing and puffing, better posture, stronger legs, more energy, getting in to smaller sizes and sense of well being. Classes are growing nicely by word of mouth, just totally awesome. Come join us, your first class is free. Have a great summer. Love this hot weather!

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