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Aging Backwards

Just got back from a wonderful vacation in Edisto Island, SC. Love to catch the sunrise and do some Essentrics moves on the beach. This is Embrace a Ball. You imagine that you are tracing a huge beach ball all the way around. This improves your posture, stretches the upper back, improves the range of motion in arms and shoulders and improves the mobility and full flexion of the spine.

Its been 8 months since I started my classes in Denver of the East, 5 days a week. I am so excited to hear all the health improvements from my clients. Classes are growing nicely by word of mouth. People are so excited about their changes and love to share.

Here is the latest one from Judy: "I have to tell you that my frozen left shoulder and a great portion of my left side now feel like I'm healing! It's not painful and weak anymore but healing muscles and new strength!!! I love Essentrics. Thank you!!!

I am waiting to hear from Essentrics if I passed my Level 2 Certification. The depth of training for this program is tremendous. Level 2 training has given me a deeper understanding of how important it is to move the body, and how our bodies respond in a positive way. Excited to hear in about 4 weeks if I passed. I'll let you know.

Aging is inevitable. However premature aging in most cases is not. When we think of aging we think of wrinkles, weight gain, poor posture, loss of energy, slower movements, osteoporosis, aches and pains, hip replacements and general stiffness all the time.


Essentrics stimulates blood flow, opening the capillaries and encouraging the pumping of other fluids in to and out of muscles. Circulation has many anti-aging benefits; from improving the quality of the skin to increasing energy. Increased blood flow helps to moisturize dry muscles, relieve pain, nourish the skin and remove toxins. These toxins are dead cells and like anything dead, they rot and become poisonous, leaving a person feeling tired and lethargic.

Another valuable anti aging benefit is the fact that Essentrics has zero-impact on joints; in fact it frees the joints. The technique of pulling up and eccentrically strengthening and stretching the joints not only relieves pressure on joints, protecting them from impact, but also accelerates the healing process by permitting medicinal synovial fluid to enter.

All we have to do is activate that force of life within us, and that force will respond a thousandfold. The smallest movements will turn on the mitochondria and start the fires of life! The smallest of movements will start the fountain of youth flowing throughout our veins.

“Everyday we have a very clear choice: “We can grow older or we can grow younger”


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