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Rebalance your body

Think of your body as a car. When your wheels are out of alignment, it's an unpleasant, awkward and dangerous feeling. It pulls to one side, which causes unnessary wear and tear on the car. Our bodies essentially work the same way. But, when our car is out of alignment we immediatley get that fixed. When our bodies are out of alignment we take pain meds or just struggle with the pain and go on with our busy daily life. Not really knowing that there is an easy, fun, and safe way to correct.

What if I told you that you can rebalance your body through a practice that is 100% proven to work. Yes, it's Essentrics. Practing Essentrics balances out the entire muscular structure and is one of the most rewarding elements of this workout.

A balanced body develops perfect alignment of the muscular skeleton, as muscle and bones neatly lined up, produce uninhibited easy movements. Body alignment is physically impossible without balanced joints and flexibility. If any of the muscles are too tight or weak to hold it comfortably in correct alignment, then the tightest muscle will pull the joint out of alignment, unbalancing the joint and ultimately causing pain or injury.

This is one of the many reasons I love Essentrics. I love hearing how Essentrics is changing peoples bodies. My clients can't wait to tell me what they have noticed different about a particular joint or movement that is so much better. The smile and excitement in thier voices makes my heart so happy.

I have decided to deepen my knowledge of how the body responds to Essentrics, and have begun studying Level 2 certification. Essentrics has been the most rewarding practice by far for me in just a short time. I taught Jazzercise for 23 years, which was a fun factor with a great aerobic workout, but never did I feel like my body was rebalanced and frankly did not know the depth of why my body needs to be balanced. When I wake up in the morning after practicing Essentrics, I feel energized for the day. It is just amazing. Can't wait for the next class. I want everyone to feel better and I know they can with Essentrics. Thank you Miranda Esmonde-White for making this program available to the world.

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