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Testimonies from clients practicing Essentrics with Kay


To begin on how I feel after a year of commitment I will start at the "bottom to the top" (as Meghan says) and work my way up my Essentrics body.

Feet- first think every morning I thank God that I found this program and it was Kay who introduced it to me...there is no better teacher with larger commitment than Kay!   Almost 4 years ago I developed plantar fascitis and could not walk the length of the mall... I have everything imaginable to help with this condition and gone to doctors to help with the pain.  I still have an occasional twinge in my feet but most mornings I feel rested and pain free!!!! (And I can walk the mall)

My ankles are stronger..calves smaller..knees painless and thighs firmer!!

My butt is higher!

My belly is tighter and my back is more flexible than ever.

My arms...the biggest change in appearance of all...look like thy use to!! Sleeveless will be my friend once again!!!

My chest is defined

My shoulders feel straighter

My posture is better

My heart is fuller

and my mind is healthier



!He's moaning
I came home after our tough workout and got my hubby to trim more bushes and trees and ... I'm 72 and feel Great!
Thank you ❤️
I think not only are you keeping my body strong but with my female history of severe osteoporosis you are keeping me erect and tall. And I also think my body will work against their cancers as well.



I have worked behind a desk on the computer for more years than I’d like to mention.   My stiffness and lack of energy has robbed me of the pleasure I always took from exercising.   Since joining Essentrics, I have truly begun to turn back the hands of time.  I am gaining flexibility in my hips and knees – actually after a recent class I was able to sit crossed legged and get my knees to touch the floor!  Amazing results

keep me coming back for more of this class!!                         


My ultimate goal is to unlock the stiffness and relieve the pain in my shoulder permanently.   I am confident that Essentrics will not only work but will benefit my entire body.  I encourage anyone who

wants to feel better, improve circulation or whatever area that needs attention to come and try a class.



New to Essentrics, have issues with back and ankles. Currently under Chiropractic care.   After one class I felt a difference in these two problem areas.  Went to Chiropractor for my normal visit.  Dr said things were looking good and wanted to know what I had been doing.  Told her about Essentrics.  She said it was an excellent program and to keep it up.  I went back to work and told my boss I would be in late for the next 3 months because I would be doing therapy 3 days a week. (Essentrics).



The next day after Essentrics, my body feels so much better and I have more energy.



My son and grandson massaged my shoulders  the other day and both remarked how strong my muscles felt.  They gave grandpa a massage too and  they told him he needs to be doing what I am doing cause he felt mushy.  I am 78 years young and my posture is so much better.  I am thankful that Essentrics is in my life now. 



I can’t believe how much energy I have the next day at work after practicing Essentrics, I love it.


OMG I came home after class and washed woodwork and wood floors. I may have been “ full of vitality “ when I got home, but right now I’m a bit dragging. I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’d did today without being “full of vitality!” 


When I first started Essentrics I could hardly move my arm.  After a short time I was able to move my arm and it feels great.

Kay Baucom - Me!  Jan 2nd 2019 - I asked the class and specifically the ladies that have been with me for over a year to think back to last Christmas and how they felt energy wise........ forward to this Christmas.  "How many felt like they had more stamina, energy, strength and endurance this year"?   They all said absolutely it was so much better.    AWESOME!!!!  Another reason I love my job.  My passion is to help others feel full of vitality through practicing Essentrics.