Kay Baucom 
Certified Level 4 Essentrics Instructor

In 2014 I found Essentrics®, got certified went through all four levels in 36 months.  I had a great career for 34 years and retired in 2014 and started my own business offering Essentrics.  I opened my own studio as of November 2018, so we just celebrated our 1st  anniversary.  I named it Studio K.  It makes me think of my Mother and Daddy.  Why did they name me the letter K?  I designed my logo and I love it.  But I only offer Essentrics, because it’s the only program that makes sense.  

I am completely obsessed with the human body.  Essentrics has changed the way I look at exercise. You can’t take a pill to release tight muscles or joints, or rebalance your body and restore it. You can’t take a pill to strengthen your toes or fingers and make them more pliable. You can’t take a pill that will keep you from shuffling. You can’t take a pill to increase your range of motion or improve your balance and the list goes on. I know that Essentrics is helping me and others to live life full of Vitality and aging us backwards.


I’m thankful I found Essentrics on PBS also known as Classical Stretch. I am thankful I can get on the floor and play with my great grandchildren. I am also grateful that I can tell people I am 70 years old and on no medication. Our bodies were created to move and Essentrics taught me that early on in my studies, plus every single statement made from the founder of Essentrics, Miranda Esmonde-White has been true.  Your body transforms in a short time to be stronger, more flexible, leaner, increased range of motion, better balance and mobility.  Your body works like a very well oiled machine, which results in less pain or pain free in a lot of people.   

Essentrics is not like any other stretch program in the fitness industry or Gym.   Essentrics treats the whole body as a unit in a vertical position – “lightbulb moment”! That’s how we spend our lives – not horizontally! 

Love telling people that.

I am the strongest I’ve ever been and I don’t mind letting people feel my biceps :-) I lift no weights, why should we? Your arm ways between 15 to 20 pounds your torso ways between 40 to 70 pounds. In our program you use your own bodyweight moving through space, working all the muscles in the body to strengthen and lengthen simultaneously.  All 650 muscles?   We leave no muscles behind!  Now you see why I am passionate about this program.  I hope you will come and try a class and catch on to the epidemic in Denver NC.  The proof is in the pudding.  Every day I hear a positive testimony about how this program has changed a life.  

                   "Age doesn't have a number, but it does have a signature, “IMMOBILITY”