Essentrics a new way of working out!

Why Essentrics?
Essentrics is a full-body dynamic stretching workout that safely and quickly creates a strong, lean and agile body.  Using fluid, circular movements that feel natural and pleasant, Essentrics uniquely builds and strengthens neural connections between the body and brain. 
Unlike many fitness programs, Essentrics is safe and easy to follow yet delivers rapid results.  Similar to Tai Chi, people feel positive, balanced and agile after doing Essentrics.  Yet their physique also sculpts up rapidly and their muscles become more flexible as if they've received formal ballet training.  Many are surprised that instead of "no pain, no gain" it is simply about "using it or losing it" - keeping the muscles, joints and reflexes engaged by performing Essentrics with moderate intensity, or getting full stretching and toning benefits by doing it with rigor.  
With diverse music playlist guiding the movements, this equipment free workout leaves you feeling calm yet energized, connected and healthy.  

Why Rebalance the Body?

When our bodies are out of alignment, it puts stress on the body.  Just like our cars when the front end is out of alignment.  It doesn't drive very well and puts stress on the car and it performs poorly.  This is the same thing that happens to our bodies.  Other parts of the body compensate for what is out of alignment.  This causes pain and we slow down.  This program corrects our body in a gentle way without putting stress on your joints.  Our bodies work better in harmony when our muscles are balanced.

Aging Backwards Class

This class is a slow and gentle, full-body stretch and strengthening workout that focuses on increasing mobility, flexibility and relieving chronic aches, pains and joint stiffness.  Reawaken the power of your 650 muscles while slowly building strength in your body.  Ideal for those who are beginning to exercise fter  along sedentary period.  

This class is a favorite for that the attend the regular Essentrics classes.

In addition it will relieve tension and pain from all joint.  Liberate spine, shoulders and hips.  It will teach you body awareness and increase energy by unlocking and strengthening your feet and legs.

Aging Backwards class is held every Monday @ 6pm & Wednesday @ 9:30am.