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 Hear what Kay's students are saying 

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Joanne H

Essentrics has helped me gain flexibility and strength. I enjoy classes so much that I always look forward to them and am so surprised how quickly time flies while exercising. The music is great. Special friendships have been developed. Truly a very unique and special club to be part of.


Joanne R

I have been taking classes with Kay for the last 6+ years and have never felt better. These classes have become an integral part of my daily activities and have kept me fit and strong. I cannot imagine my life without Essentrics! 


Donna F   

I have been exercising all of my adult life but have never been dedicated to anything until I met Kay and started doing Essentrics.I feel taller, I can reach shelves, I feel much more limber, I get in the floor and play with my grandchildren. My toes are much more flexible and I just feel better and move better overall! Not to mention the awesome group of women I have met. Kay really cares about us and our wellbeing and is always eager to share her knowledge about how to take better care of ourselves. She continues to study and learn. I am so thankful to be blessed by Kay and Essentrics!



I’ve never been one to love exercise, but I love Kay’s class.  It’s a sustainable level of exercise in a fun environment.  I feel great and my clothes look better.  Highly recommend , no matter your fitness level.

What is Essentrics


This dynamic workout will activate all your muscles, free your joints, and increase mobility. Dynamic and easy to follow, our full-body technique works through your muscle chains, liberating and empowering your muscles, relieving them from tension in the process – making you feel more energetic.

  • Increases full body flexibility

  • Helps relieve pain

  • Unlocks tight muscles and joints

  • Strengthens the spine and core

  • Improves agility and speed for sports

  • Supports injury prevention


Carole P

I have been doing Essentrics for about three years I started when I was overweight and in poor health and it was the only exercise that I enjoyed and that made me feel better. I have now lost 103 pounds through gastric bypass surgery and Essentrics. I do Essentrics between four and five times a week. It is truly life-changing.


Lois L

I've been doing Essentrics with Kay for 4 years.  The  classes are an enjoyable, regular part of my week.  Not only are the stretches /exercises strengthening and toning, Essentrics with Kay, keeps me pain free.  

Lyn D 

Essentrics with Kay has made a difference in the way I feel and the way I move.  Most of all I feel healthier, and younger,  with more energy.   I Love Kay’s classes, she is knowledgeable about the human body and explains how Essentrics works certain areas of the body.  Her playlist is better than a DJ’s  and her personality makes exercising so much fun.

When I leave class, I always say


Meet the Instructor, Kay Baucom

Kay Baucom
Essentrics Level 4 Instructor

What connects us all as human beings, is how important it is for us to live our lives with vitality, and to maintain that vitality throughout our lives.

The definition of vitality is the state of being strong and active with energy.  It gives us power, giving continuous of life, present in all things.  

A balanced approach to movement and exercise is the key to maintaining that  vitality. 

As I look around at other types of exercises,  I see people burning themselves out in the extreme workout.  But we really thrive in the middle if you really think about it.


Essentrics offers this middle way, providing a workout that works with the body's strength and flexibility equally, while promoting a sense of balance in the mind and body. 

I am grateful for this program in my own life and to be able to share with others every day.

"Motion is Lotion"

Class Schedule 
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:30am
Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm

$60 a month
Per Class $12

Bring a Mat, Stretchy Band, & Water
Bare Feet are recommended, but not required

Kay Baucom 704-806-1779

3686 NC-16 Business

Denver, NC

Get fit. Stay healthy. Feel amazing. Do it all at Studio K.  Comfortable, personal and professional atmosphere. Browse our site to learn more.

Arrive 15 minutes before class to sign up.  All forms of payment accepted.  No Contracts required

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