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Meet the Instructor, Kay Baucom

Kay Baucom
Essentrics Level 4 Instructor

What connects us all as human beings, is how important it is for us to live our lives with vitality, and to maintain that vitality throughout our lives.

The definition of vitality is the state of being strong and active with energy.  It gives us power, giving continuous of life, present in all things.  

A balanced approach to movement and exercise is the key to maintaining that  vitality. 

As I look around at other types of exercises,  I see people burning themselves out in the extreme workout.  But we really thrive in the middle if you really think about it.


Essentrics offers this middle way, providing a workout that works with the body's strength and flexibility equally, while promoting a sense of balance in the mind and body. 

I am grateful for this program in my own life and to be able to share with others every day.

"Motion is Lotion"

Studio K

3686 NC 16 Business

Denver, NC


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